Friday, August 02, 2013

Time to heat things up a bit. We decided to do the ever popular blower motor upgrade using a blower motor from a 1973 Chevy Blazer. The thing to watch out for is the fact that there are 2 options for the Blazer. The correct one for the upgrade is the short version, part # PM102 which has several manufacturers ours being Continental supplied by Auto Zone The other longer version is part # PM105. This will bottom out the fan cage in the heater box. The PM102 is a direct bolt in and will move alot more air through the heater core which by the way was also from Auto Zone part # 846071 or Premium #
399210. Either way, don't waste your time searching for used parts for what new cost. Jeffrey disassembled the case by drilling out the rivets and removing all the rusted cables. The caulking between the case halves was all dried out. After some scrubbing everything was inspected then painted. New foam was made for all the doors, then reassembled using stainless screws and Right Stuff Gasket Maker in between the case halves  This stuff will stay pliable and not dry out. New motor was straight forward, just install the old cage and bolt back on the case, again using sealer and stainless screws. As for cables, they can be gotten at several suppliers from $27 to $35, but we lucked out on this years trip to the Pa. York Jeep Show. 3 Like new
dash cables were found from a vendor for $3 and then on the home trip we stopped at National 4 Wheel Drive Center also Vintage Jeep Specialties at York Pa. A mom and pop shop (literally) specializing in older Jeeps. They had a CJ7 tub laying there with a nice adjustable heater cable. These are hard to find and usually don't come in the kits. $5 and it was ours. We also snagged the throttle kickdown switch bracket since this is for an automatic only. In addition I picked up an M38A1 grille with the recessed headlights for the more modern frenched headlight modification we plan using stainless steel pie plates (yes pie plates), more on that later.


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