Sunday, October 28, 2012

Getting down to crunch time with the dyno date fast approaching, final assembly had to get done. Valve covers were installed using 1/4" set screws loctited into the heads. This method allows the gasket to be set into place without fear of sliding out of position. Then the valve covers, all fastened down with stainless steel acorn nuts. Different length set screws were utilized to accommodate the wire looms milled from a solid block of aluminum. Left side will come off the valve cover screw while the right side uses the threaded hole in the intake which originally held the coil bracket which is no longer needed with the new distributor. Red universal 8mm. Taylor spiropro
wires were chosen. This way custom lengths could be fabricated for a cleaner look. Part number 73253 along with a neat crimping tool number 43395, also from Taylor was used to install the distributor ends. Once we got the hang of crimping and what Jeffrey and I were good at we tagged teamed it, and got the job done quickly. I also found some cool wire clamps from McMaster-Carr part number 2993T14 and 2993T35  to use in conjunction with the looms. Spark plugs are Autolites 65 Platinum gapped at .052. A bit of dielectric grease was dabbed on both ends of the wires. Edelbrock 1406 carb was mounted, using short studs, but longer studs are in the waiting to use with a spacer during dyno pulls to see if it makes a difference. Speaking of dyno pulls, this will be done by Andy Jensen His shop will be sponsoring the November Keystone Garage Club meeting of which we are members. This is a great local club that has alot of cool activities. Normally Andy will dyno one of his own engines unless a club member has one to run. Soooo, November 1st. is dyno day, providing hurricane Sandy doesn't interfere, I'll be posting the results after.


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