Sunday, November 11, 2012

 Oops. Here is what happens when you are anxious. Anxious to see what that 401 looks like between the frame rails, plus we had to get it off my truck. Used the cherry picker to lower the engine in place with a bit of struggling. It didn't quite have enough reach, hitting the front cross member, but we got it. Next day we were cleaning up and suddenly it hit me. We forgot to put the sheet metal cover plate between the block and transmission. We were going to tow it back up to the house and use the chain hoist to ease the problem, then Jeffrey said, "why don't we support the back of the engine and lift the transmission and transfercase?" Duh! good idea son,
your learning. So we disconnected the drive shafts and did just that. Piece of cake. Cleaned up the plate, painted it and slid it into place. If you remove the hollow alignment pins in the back of the block it can easily slide in front of the flex plate. So moral of the story, no matter how with it you think you are, there is no better thing than well planning and patients. Sit back and analyze things and talk things out. AND PUT THE DAMN PLATE WHERE YOU ARE GOING TO TRIP OVER IT INSTEAD OF ON THE STORAGE SHELF.


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