Sunday, July 15, 2012

Worked on the fuel sending unit that we got from Omnix-Ada for the oversize poly tank along with all the installation parts. The unit was temporarily put in place and dicovered it hit the bottom of the tank way too soon. To accurize the sending unit we measured from the flange surface down to the bottom of the tank and got 11 1/2". Then with a builders square marked with that dimension, squared off the mounting flange. The pick up tube was then bent (using a tubing bender to prevent kinking) to that mark. Again it was test fitted, then the same thing was done to the float rod which is necessary for proper gauge function. In full drop position the float must be at the bottom of the tank, otherwise if it was below the pick up tube then it would rest on the bottom of the tank before it read empty. In other words you would be standing along the hi-way with your thumb out, the fuel gauge would never read empty. And on the opposite hand if the float bottomed out before it hit the bottom of the tank it would read empty too early and also would never read full. So you can see why this step is important for proper gauge function. A new o-ring was installed after coating with silicone spray, then the sending unit topped off with a new nut. New fuel lines were ordered from Z-M Jeeps at a cost of $55 each for the 5/16" feed and 1/4" return line in steel. The feed line is also available in 3/8" if more fuel is needed. They are also available in stainless steel. Fortunately these lines won't have to be custom bent, not unlike the brake lines.


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