Sunday, November 25, 2012

Here is some braking news. Yeh, I know. Remember this pile of rear brake parts from an earlier post? Finally got to the point of this build to install them. First a hardware rebuild kit from Carlson, part number 17396. All though this kit was pretty well complete with adjusting wheels, washers and springs we were not totally satisfied. The spring that goes on the spreader bar was not wide enough and the shoe springs and star wheel spring were too small. We had to use the old ones. Luckily for us I believe a brake job was done on this vehicle before
it got junked. Maybe too, this particular part number was for another year or brake size. Either way it all worked out. Used Isuzu brake hoses from Advanced Autos part number H380221. We previously welded the hose brackets at the same location as the Isuzu rear so it was just a matter of clipping it fast. Assembly of the emergency brakes were straight forward using the Isuzu shop manual. These rotors have an internal e-brake just like a drum brake. Used a brake shoe set up tool to measure the drums then adjust the shoes to match. Slipped on the rotors, caliper bracket, and loaded the calipers with Wagner part number ZD580 from B and S Auto Parts of Pine Grove, Pa. phone 570-345-8068. The original Isuzu e-brake cables were used with one exception. Since we are mounting the e-brake lever left of the drivers seat to conserve center console space the left cable was shortened by Air Brake and Power Equipment Co. of Pottsville, Pa. phone 570-622-6188 The right cable was a perfect length. These will enter the body directly behind the front seats where the floor kicks up. I should mention the Isuzu hoses have a metric thread of M10 x 1 and take a double flare. The center hose will be of 1979 Jeep J10 origin that has an inch thread of 3/8 - 24. Since we will be bending our own hard lines we purchased a 5' section of line with metric ends, will cut it and add inch fittings to the other end before flaring it. Problem solved. Front brake hoses will also be standard J10 issue with special frame brackets. Now we'll have to do are homework on master cylinder and proportioning valve choices.


Anonymous jeep accessories said...

great job guys, had no idea that setting up the braking system could take all this effort. It is my sincere hope that the resultant system will be superbly safe.

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