Saturday, October 27, 2012

The distributor got delivered today, and what a bute. We ordered a D.U.I. from Performance Distributors. Part number 40820 for the AMC V8 street strip version at a total cost of $319.00 to the door. This is a true H.E.I. (high energy ignition) that was selected for it's quality, simplicity of hook up and the fact that it is truly calibrated to your engine specs, not a happy medium for a cookie cutter build. It's a bit more pricey, but the quality and customer service is unsurpassed. You actually have to fill out a detailed form on not just your engine but vehicle use as well. Your distributor is then engraved with the calibration and recorded at Performance for future reference in the event that down the road you would change engine specs. The fact too, that it will take off the shelf G.M. replacement parts in a pinch is an added bonus. This comes with a new distributor gear already installed, so if you have a new cam gear, your ready to go. The intake was ready to go back on but we had to prime the oil system first, which we did using an old distributor with the teeth ground off the gear and the upper shaft turned down to accept an electric hand drill. An oil pressure gauge was plumbed and mounted to one of the heads. Fired up the drill and while slowly rotating the crankshaft, oil started flowing out of all the pushrods and had a solid 60 p.s.i. on the gauge. Intake was then put back on originally using the rubber end gaskets that came with the Felpro valley pan gasket but as soon as it was torqued down both pushed out. After several frustrating attempts we eliminated them and went with Permatex Right Stuff gasket maker. Should have just done that from the get go. Stock torque specs for a cast iron intake is around 45. The Edelbrock aluminum version is more like 22, so take that into consideration when doing an install.


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