Wednesday, November 21, 2012

This topic, fuel lines. One feed and one return. Ordered these from Z and M Jeeps for a 1977 CJ7 auto quadra-trac. Got something that came up short, terminating at the firewall, unlike the originals that ended further front at the fuel pump. Long story short these came from Inline Tube and they have two sets of lines with the same part number. A phone call to them and everything was taken care of. and Z and M shipped me the correct lines. Fit was exceptional with only minor tweaking. Shown here are the differences in case you run into the same problem.
Maybe a difference in transmissions or non power and power brakes or location of charcoal canister? Who knows. If you can shed some light on this I am sure Inline Tubes would be interested. Found some really neat clamps from McMaster Carr part number 2993T35. These are double line clamps for 5/16" tubing with a center mounting hole for a 1/4" bolt. I backed this up with a  stainless steel spacer to keep the lines off the frame a bit further to prevent rubbing and fastened it all down with a stainless button head cap screw after drilling and tapping the frame for a 1/4 - 20. The
1/4" return line was too small to be clamped by the 5/16" hole in the clamp, so we fixed this By picking up some 1/4" I.D. x 5/16" O.D. plastic tubing from MSC Industrial Supply part number 48700066. Just cut a 1" long piece, slice it and slipped it over the fuel line before installing the clamp


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