Friday, November 02, 2012

Dyno Day. Arrived at Jensen's Engine Technology at 10:00 A.M. Thursday morning. Jeffrey arrived from State College at the same time. This is the day where the fruits of your labor all come together or fall apart. Jeffrey brought a 6 pack along to either celebrate victory or to drown his sorrows. Time would tell. Gotta say a few words about Andy Jensen first. Great guy. He spent from 10:00 a.m. till 8:00 P.M. with us fully focused on our engine and it's needs.
Well worth the money. Can't say enough. Ok, unloaded the engine, got it hooked up to his dyno, poured some 93 octane in the tank, primed everything and hit the go button. Fired right up, but had trouble idling. Turned out when we rebuilt the carb we forgot to turn the idle mixture screws back out the appropriate turns after bottoming them out. Andy discovered that and it smoothed right out. Disconnected the vacuum advance and set the total timing to 36 deg. Broke in the cam and was rewarded with no leaks of any kind and it stayed
together. 1st. pull was at 4000 rpm which resulted in 338 hp. and 420 torque. Not bad, but the graph showed it was still climbing. 2nd. pull at 4500 with 333 hp. and 426 torque. We then added a 1" phenolic spacer under the carb, and at the same 4500 rpm the 3rd. pull made 341 hp. and 441 torque. Not bad for a $20.00 spacer. 4th. pull at 5000 with 350 hp. and 445 torque. 5th. pull at 5500 but peaked at 5200 with 355 hp. and 439 torque. We then left it cool down. By that time the Garage
Club started to arrive. To make thing a little interesting we listed the specs on the engine, then everybody threw 2 quarters in the pot (one for hp. and one for torque) and they guessed what it would do. 6th. pull we added 2 deg. of timing, at 5200 got 360 hp. and 445 torque. It warmed up by that time and the final pull at 5200 resulted in 367 hp. and 449 torque. One member guessed 365 hp., but nobody came close on the torque, all guesses were in the 300 range. Engine made 60 psi oil pressure all day, 20 psi at idle. All in all it was a great day all around. Made Andy's acquaintance, spent the evening with a bunch of motorhead friends but best of all enjoyed a father/son experience, and hey, it didn't blow up. Time to break out that 6 pack son and celebrate.


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