Monday, March 10, 2014

Needing a battery tray, but not wanting to spend the money, Jeffrey opted to see what was laying around my vast inventory of "hey I can use this some day" stash. As it turned out I had saved 3 of these trays from a machine shop I worked at, oh probably 27 years ago. These were a part we made and got scrapped for whatever reason. One I mounted on my garage wall to hold my battery charger, so had 2 extras. Turned out to be the exact size of the original rusted out tray. So he put his fabrication skills to
work and came up with this version. The tray is stainless steel so should hold up for a while. Angled supports were welded to the sides then bolted through the firewall with a support plate on the inside that can be threaded into. A bottom support was fabricated from, you guessed it, "hey I can use this some day" inventory. In this case, a stainless tube from a ladder rung of a long torn down play gym that I had built when the boys were young. The ends were flattened, drilled and bent to the proper angle.
The upper end fastens to the underside of the plate and the bottom end rests, and is bolted on top of the floor to firewall seam lip, making for a very solid and stable platform for the battery. A hold down will be made upon deciding on what battery will be used. Most likely a G.M. style freedom battery with side posts. The starter solenoid will be mounted underneath the tray out of sight, making for tidy wiring.


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