Tuesday, March 04, 2014

In the name of utilizing usable space, the emergency brake was mounted to the left of the driver seat. This was initially done to free up more usable space in the center console. There are pros and cons on this. The original was foot operated next to the left kick panel. A con would be that the passenger could not operate it in the event that the driver couldn't, or performing a bootlegger turn, and a pro would be keeping the passengers hand off of it or, being able to grab the lever without reaching across the driver seat while your standing outside watching your pride and joy roll away. We used the Isuzu brake cables of which the right side was long enough to reach the
left side and the left cable was shortened by Air Brake & Power Equipment in Pottsville, http://businessfinder.lehighvalleylive.com/14436970/Air-Brake-and-Power-Equipment-Company-Pottsville-PA These guys do a lot of oddball stuff that you normally wouldn't know where to go to get done. These cables were then routed to the area in front of the left wheel opening where the floor kicks up. The Isuzu bracket was utilized to mount to the body. We preferred a handle from a Subaru since it floor mounted without protruding through the floor and the cable exited directly out the back whereas the Isuzu would have gone through an opening in the floor. Also the Subaru handle didn't stick up as high. The connecting end on the Subaru handle was not compatible with the Isuzu, but that was just a matter of disassembling the handles and swapping the adjuster cable and connector. A cover will be fabricated to hide the cable and connector on the inside.


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