Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Now that we have the seats firmly located, it was time to shift gears and move on to the shifter location. We picked up a B/M ratchet shifter from our good buddy cleaning out his stash and Jeffrey preferred it over the previously acquired Hurst Pro-Matic 2. The B/M supplied T-handle just wasn't comfortable with the reverse lockout so a round 8 ball was substituted which made it alot more ergonomically friendly. Whether it
will stay or not remains to be seen, but definitely a round knob will be used. A mount needed to be fabricated to position the shifter at a comfortable height along with front to back and side position. Once height was established we then concentrated on front to back and side position. A 1/4" steel plate was cut out for the base, tapped for 1/4 - 20 bolts and the shifter bolted to it. Tapping the mounting holes allows us to eliminate using nuts which would be awkward to remove and install after the console was built around it. We needed L brackets welded to the base to establish height and to mount to the transmission tunnel and since I hardly throw anything away the feet that we cut off the Recaro seat base were just what we needed. They even had the holes already drilled into them. (See we recycle.) So side to side positioning ended up favoring the driverside therefore the console will have to be built around that. 3/8th. bolts were used to fasten the whole assembly to the transmission tunnel. Now on to the console.


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