Thursday, February 13, 2014

After the body was bolted down we turned our attention to the shifter cable. Precisely on how to seal it where it went through the floor. Several ideas were bounced around, and we know there are special boots on various cars made for this purpose, and considering all the junkyards were snowed in jeffrey spotted a solution at are local hardware store in the plumbing department.It's called an adjustable toilet flapper.
and even though this is really an off the wall idea, it works exceptionally well. A thick washer just the correct size that I had on hand from a scrap part we make at my job (thanks Rick) was put to use over the rubber piece, bent to conform to the transmission hump, drilled then bolted down. The shifter cable was slid through it and makes a good flexible seal. I got my own ideas what the final results look like, but I'll let you form your own opinion. The console will have to get notched out for cable clearance, along with final adjustment for proper shifting.


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