Sunday, December 01, 2013

We'll show you how we overcame the height difference problem of non factory bucket seats utilizing sliders on both seats. The CJ's didn't come with passengerside sliders, therefore the scissors riser was higher than the driverside to accommodate the lack of the slider. An all too common problem when using after market seats with sliders is that the seat ends up higher than the driverside. The risers that came with the Recaro seats are a tube welded to the top of some flat stock. As luck would have it the width of the stock risers fit exactly between the tubing of the Recaro riser. So on the driverside we faced the tubing up and on the passengerside we
faced it down. By doing that we gained about 1 1/2" difference. The sliders have 4 ears front and back that have 3 adjusting holes that thread into the tubing giving quite a bit of adjustment. Second pic shows the passengerside with the tubing facing down and a handle modification to release the scissor to tilt the seat foward for rear passenger access. Third pic is the driverside with the tubing facing up. No modification was needed for the release lever. One thing that was odd the passengerside release lever had to be pulled up to release but the driverside had to push down to release. Don't rightly know the engineering for that but if anybody knows feel free to let me know. I know this modification wont work for everybody but might get one thinking of other possibilities. These risers will then see the sandblaster and paint. Oh the first pic? Thats just Jeffrey showing off his welding ability. You know, credit where credit is due.


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