Friday, March 14, 2014

Had to find something else that I could do that was a one man project, so I tackled the cowl to grille support rods. The originals were bent and rusted so I scrounged up some 3/8" square stainless from the scrap barrel at work. Turned the end and threaded them. Jeffrey had previously made up brackets from aluminum angle and polished them that looked pretty cool. Since the battery tray was already mounted I had to make sure there was enough vertical clearance for the battery to the underside of the support rod. Mounting the brackets with the leg down and the rod end on top gave the most clearance. A 3/8 rod end and jam nut was screwed
onto the one end, mounted to the bracket then measured for length at the grille end. Cut that to length, turned the end and threaded it. Using a jam nut and acorn nut for visual effect was utilized on that end. Now since he polished the brackets, I'll wait till he gets home to polish the stainless rod. Hey, gotta let something for him to do.


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