Monday, March 07, 2011

Back in the May 25 2006 post I showed the fabrication we did to mount the 20 gal. poly fuel tank. This post shows a bit more detail and also the new sending unit from They had everything needed to replace all the rusted and wore out parts for this tank which is from a 1982 to 1986 CJ with the 20 gal poly tank. Sending unit part number is CRO5362090 at $30.99 which I believe is made by Crown and is a dead ringer for the original, fuel sending o-ring part number OAI17730.01 at $.99, a fuel inlet filter part number OAI17728.01 at $5.99 and the fuel sending unit lock nut part number OAI17727.02 at $3.99 by Omix-Ada. We thoroughly washed out the tank with a degreaser then finally water and tested for any leaks and found none, so I was happy with our $20.00 flea market purchase. Blasted the skid plate. hit it with etching primer then semi gloss black. The way we mounted the filler neck to the body we will be able to use straight fuel hose directly into the tank eliminating any need for special pre-bent hoses. All in all the 20 gal. tank is a comfortable snug fit that will give us rust free worries and more capacity which I'm sure we will need for that 401.


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