Monday, February 28, 2011

Finally found a finned aluminum differential cover at our local u-pull. If you remember ours was missing from the Isuzu housing that we got. This one had some slight damage to the lower fins, (probably from a jack) but using a die grinder I was able to round them off and blend it in, one can hardly notice. I then had it bead blasted by the local boys at Hill Top Sand blasting from our area, then gave it a good coat of etching primer (this works great on aluminum) then a couple coats of silver Hammerite. Still has that aluminum look but don't have to worry about oxidation. We installed this on the front housing only because the rear housing is out of view due to the larger 21 gallon poly fuel tank that we adapted. Tie rod clears nicely which was a concern but these covers actually have a flat face. Next post I'll show the tank and new sending unit.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, I have checked in now and again in prep. of my build....glkad to see a new post.

AMCJEEPSCRAMBLER soon to be a 401.
Mar. 1, 2001

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