Sunday, January 04, 2015

 Got to work on the console gauges before the holidays. We originally had anticipated one row of three gauges across the top, but since we wanted to angle them towards the driver and flush mount them, there just wasn't enough width with the sides of the console to accomplish that. So we had to triangulate the arrangement, with one at the top and two in a row below the top one. An angle of 26 degrees from the center of the console to the drivers eyes was deemed necessary for comfortable reading, that was done
simply by taking a string from the drivers eyes down to the center of the console where the gauges would be mounted, then reading a protractor off the face. Since the console was already angled up we only had one angle to deal with. For the speedo and tac which will be mounted to the vertical dash, two angles will have to be dealt with. Ironically the vertical angle is the same at 26 degrees as the horizontal angle is. 2 5/8" o.d. exhaust tubing was needed to clear the gauge bezels, but since that size is not available we went
with 2 1/2" o.d. We then went to a local shop (Manbeck Alignment) that bends exhaust and had them run their expander through the ends of the tubing making the inside 2 1/2" thus making the outside the 2 5/8" that was needed. I clamped the tubing to a long v block and using the radial arm saw with a metal cutting blade set on 26 degrees, was able to get the job done. One end cut straight the other on 26 degrees. A washer was cut from
sheet metal using two different sizes of hole saws, one for the o.d. the other for the i.d. so the gauge could slide into. Then Jeffrey tack welded the washer to the straight end and the angled end to the console face plate with a mig welder borrowed from a co-worker. Hey, what are friends for? We then filled the voids with J.B.Weld front and back then body worked the front with primer and body filler. We still continue to do some shake down runs for "educational purposes" You know to see if anything is malfunctioning. A transmission cooler line leak was discovered, so that will have to be addressed. Better now than when its finished


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