Tuesday, September 02, 2014

We decided a shakedown run was in the cards for a couple of reasons. 1 To make sure all the engineering we have done so far worked and was safe. 2 Jeffrey was heading towards a date of July 4th. weekend because that was the weekend that we bought it in 2004. Brakes were bled using silicone fluid, found a couple of leaks and fixed them. Coolant was added, a temporary gas line was routed into the front passenger compartment to a gas can, (didn't want to put gas in the tank and turn stale) and a simplified wiring harness was fabbed up. All suspension hardware was checked and made sure the e-brake worked. Dump tubes were welded up and bolted to the open headers. Oh and a fire extinguisher in the console. Hey, you never know. Fired right up since we didn't touch any of the settings from the previous dyno session. Topped off the tranny and power steering pump and it began to move, which was a good sign since the tranny was sitting for a few years. (We had it assembled wet for that reason) It was discovered that the alternator was not charging the battery and that was finally diagnosed by Jeffreys' grandfather to a bad connection to the indicator light. (He is 85 but still has it) Now that the battery was being charged we went for a few runs on the road and also one donut exercise in the grass, you know, to make sure the quadra trac was working. So far the ride is comfortable, steering is a dream with one finger, braking? well it stops but wont do any panic stops like dragging the tires, so some adjustments will be needed there, and after it sits, the aluminum tranny pan leaks. Oh I forgot to mention, it hauls ass.


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