Saturday, November 30, 2013

Steering and seating covered in this post, they go hand in hand, or butt in hand. Mounting the steering column was pretty straight forward since the column drop is located by the dash mounting holes and we already had the firewall reinforcing plate in position for the brake booster, it was just a matter of cutting the holes for the shaft and the 4 bolt holes for the bottom mount, both of which were traced off the reinforcing plate. The tilt column is from a 79 Cherokee Chief  which mounts the same as a CJ column used for mock up only. It was a direct bolt in. We are still trying to locate a floor shift tilt
column. The Jeep steering wheel had a deeper offset
than the 1970 Oldsmobile wheel we are using here, not sure if we are going to use it or not. Interestingly this same wheel was used on my high school 1967 Olds Cutlass and the CJ5 I had built in the 80's. The Recaro seats are from a Chevy Lumina police car we snagged from are local u-pull for $25.00 and are alot more comfortable than the factory jeep hi-backs, plus the backs are adjustable and come with ball bearing sliders that work oh so smooth. The sliders mount right to the bottom of the seats and then a riser mount with short standoffs mount to the sliders with 3 mounting holes front and back to fine tune the tilt. We cut off the standoffs and welded
them directly to the factory Jeep scissor mounts. Here is where we played around with side to side positioning to make sure we were in perfect alignment with the steering column before final welding. A little modification will have to be made to the release handle and cross bar for the scissor function to make it fully operational and we also swapped the driver seat with the passenger seat to locate the back adjusting knob towards the center to clear the rollbar. A limiting pin will have to be installed on the sliders to reduce rearward travel for rollbar contact. These sliders have way more travel than is needed for this application. So here is Jeffrey after a weekend of grinding, fabricating and welding enjoying the fruits of his labor. This part of the build is getting exciting now. Getting closer to the final goal. Still got alot to go. He also invited his grand parents to sit a spell to get their input on the seating position. Pap commented the steering wheel was too close to his belly. Hmm must be an age thing. He suggested the telescopic column from his Cadillac. Might have to check that one out.


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