Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Reassembled the front rotors after paint then torqued down the hub to the rotor to have them turned, you must do this to simulate a mounted wheel to eliminate any runout. Whenever you have rotors like these always make sure you give them the inner bearing races, because they will need them to do the turning. These were all but new rotors to begin with so they took very little to clean up.

Yeh, he's into it !!!

Modified the stabalizer shock bracket from what we originally mocked up for more clearance and eye appeal. We actually took two brackets and cut and welded them to form a 90 deg. This way there will be more clearance at the diff. cover.

Your looking at some graduation presents here. From your friendly AutoZone http://www.autozone.com/home.htm front caliper #C528 and #C529 at #14.99 each and these things are complete with new bolts, bushings and o-rings. Brake pads #MKD52S at $22.99 comes with clips. Just added the manditory red paint. I will probably end up using J10 front hoses but will have to fab. a bracket, this way it keeps things simple when it comes time to replace. Alot easier to get a stock item than a custom made one.

All mounted and looking good. Just make sure the bleeder is in the up position, if it's not they are on the wrong side.

And as promised (just one post too late) on all fours. I'd say he looks pretty happy. Although he did promise his school buddies (and some chics from what I here) a ride in it at graduation, of course they are all busting his ass because it's been 4 years so far. Yeh well, good things take time and we feel confidant that so far things are done right with safety first along with some modern technology thrown in. So now he's off to higher education with the outlook looking good. There is alot of little things I can do now like steering box, brakelines (with some trick brackets I have in mind floating around in my head)e-brakes and such. So don't think I'll let you hanging, as long as Blogger stays online I'll be posting.


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