Sunday, August 17, 2008

Well as usual we found something else to hold us up for a little bit. It just seems this thing doesn't want to get on all 4'S. These here are the, I guess for better lack of words dust shields for the front backing plates behind the rotors. Just couldn't bring myself to install these in this condition. Had to drill out the spot welds then was stuck with how to replace them.

The ol brain was churning and I figured they resembled a small dish, so I started raiding the kitchen cupboards with no luck. Even kept my eye's open when we went shopping. Of course my wife couldn't figure out what I wanted in the kitchen isle all the time. Then good old Tractor Supply came through, found some small pet dishes, and in stainless steel no less. Cost around $6.00 for two of them. It even has the spanish on there so those little Chihuahua dogs know where to get a square meal.

The sides had a bit of a taper to them but it was do-able. Traced the pattern from the old ones then cut it out with a hole saw then drilled and tapped the backing plate for some 8-32 stainless button head cap screws. Just make sure the screws don't extend through because this surface locates on the spindle nose. Except for the tapered sides they are the correct diameter and hieght.


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Nice improvisation.

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