Sunday, May 08, 2016

The low range lever for the Quadra-Trac was next on the list of fabrication duties. The original mounting plate was totally rusted away, but leaving the lever and split nylon bushing in good shape. Made some calls and internet searches for a useable mounting plate replacement with no results. Using the old one as a pattern and taking into consideration the thicker fiberglass floor, an upper and lower plate were milled from aluminum. A hole was drilled then reamed for a snug fit for the bushing, then four holes drilled and tapped 1/4 - 20 compared the the original two for a more solid assembly. Using the original linkage rod and photos from a shop manual, a location on the floor was determined by
positioning the lever in a 1 o'clock orientation then marking a spot on the underside of the floor at the pivot point. Now the levers for the CJ's are different than on a full size Jeep and actually operate opposite. Pushing forward or counterclockwise on a CJ lever engages the low range and upward or clockwise on a full size engages the low range. A 1 1/8" hole was drilled thru the floor and then positioning the upper plate centered on that hole the four threaded holes were marked then drilled. Feeding the lever thru the bottom plate, then inserting the split bushing, then thru the floor from the underside, then the upper plate and finally threading the whole assembly together resulted
in a very solid mount. We were originally going to use swivel heim joints and our own rod, but the original was in great shape and works very well. Not seen in the photos are the washers and cotter pins, but since installing them, the low range can literally be engaged and disengaged with one finger and the position of the lever is dead on with the shop manual. The plastic handle has some wear and has lost its press fit so we will most likely make a replacement also from aluminum.


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