Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Both of us were going back and forth with tail light choices, but two things we did agree on was to stay with the classic shape and L.E.D. I for one did not like the stuck on look of the original, after all it was nothing more than a utility trailer light. Flush mounted or even recessed was my preference. Initially a cheaper pair of originals were ordered in L.E.D. but you get what you pay for, and besides they stuck out. Ok scrap that idea. Then Jeffrey found Savvy Off Roads http://www.savvyoffroad.com/tech/TailLights/SavvyTailLightsInstructions.pdf
offering  He took the plunge and ordered them in black anodized finish. When they arrived I was impressed. Being a machinist myself I could appreciate the time and quality that went into making these. Mounting is straight forward if they are mounted with the back up light on top as the originals are. But I could never understand why they were mounted on top until I realized that the tail light bulb was also the license light and needed to be on the bottom. Any other vehicle back up lights are on the bottom for obvious reasons, you want to light up the ground so you can see where you are going. Heck even the JK's made the switch and put it on the bottom with a separate license light. That alone must tell
you something. So before you tell me they are mounted upside down, that's the way they should be and also they don't come with a license light. (Much to my delight). The only thing I did do was to run a tap in the threads to clean out the anodizing since the screws went in tight. Either way they are a work of art and the fact that they do come with side marker lights will help clean up the body.


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