Saturday, June 16, 2007

Well we were all ready to tear down for final welding to the frame when I stumbled upon an article in JP Magazine on Dana 44's in Isuzu Rodeos and Honda Passports with rear disc brakes. "Hold the horses, this needs some attention". Turns out these things come with 12" rotors with internal e-brakes, 6 lug bolt pattern the same as our Dana 44 Wagoneer axles and a finned aluminum diff. cover. Had to check this one out, considering I was going to buy a conversion kit off Ebay for $499.00 that used Cadillac calipers but was holding off on doing so. This was a really nice set-up but hey, I'm cheap. So with tape measure in hand, or in this case if anybody knows me, on my belt, off to E-Z Pull we went. We only found one but that was all we needed, a 1994 Isuzu Rodeo with complete rear end (except for the finned aluminum diff. cover, somebody already scarfed that one up). $35.00 if we took it off or $45.00 if they burned it off for us. Needless to say we left them burn it off. Rotor to rotor complete. Took some rough measurements and the axle tubes are the same dia. as a Wagoneer, so for $45.00 I figured I would gamble. Now this will be the 3rd axle housing that Jeffrey and I have CARRIED out of this place and was hoping it was the last. These thing just keep getting heavier or I just am getting older. Got it home and tore into it and found some amazing things. These axles use the same wheel bearings and seals as Jeep, have a very simple caliper set-up and an internal e-brake that would put some small compacts to shame. (Minor note of interest, I have tried to buy these bearings at my local Auto Zone for a Wagoneer and am told they are not available anymore, so I asked for bearings for a 1994 Isuzu and low and behold they put them on the counter in front of me. Hmmm!!) Now the article in JP was an installation of the whole axle housing into a Jeep by changing mounting brackets, but since we already had our housing narrowed with the offset differential for the Quadra Trac we had different ideas. Next post I'll show you how we modified what we had and got rear disc brakes for $45.00


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