Saturday, February 03, 2007

Trying to make a decision on hardtops, we picked up a CJ top for $75 without a liftgate but then found out the liftgates rust out and finding a good one was out of the question. They do make fiberglass ones but am told they are flimsy and fit poorly. So we contemplated on a Wrangler but couldn't find a nice one in our price range (read that as cheap) but got a second chance offer on this one on Ebay for $275. The only problem with a Wrangler top with a CJ tailgate is that the gate opens up from the inside and the liftgate can't be opened up with the gate shut. Sort of backed myself into a corner. (I like corners, makes me think of ways to get out.) We will definitely go with the Wrangler because of bigger windows, and all glass lift gate with wiper. Unfortunately we didn't score one with a rear defroster. The fit to the body is great, a testament to Shell Valley The tailgate shouldn't be that big of a problem fitting an outside activated latching system. I'll keep looking for some kind of flush mounted latch during my trips thru the junkyard.


Anonymous jeeplift yuppie said...

This one looks like s vintage jeep already. Just make the necessary adjustments.. top cover, suspension, lift , you're ready to hit the road again

10:17 PM  
Anonymous palaboy said...

this jeep is still in good condition... i bet you can easily restore it. It will surely looks good once it is restored even with out the jeep top.

5:25 AM  

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