Saturday, September 23, 2006

Installation of the hood scoop went better than we thought. As mentioned earlier we weren't sure if it would clear the factory Laredo stripes. I was pondering this at work one day (yes sometimes I do have time to daydream in between pushing the cycle start button on that cnc machine) and remembered the all original 1981 Laredo setting along this guys house we spotted several years earlier. So we cut out a cardboard template and went on a road trip. The guy had no problem with us checking out the fit, after he removed the machete from the hood. (I guess it was there to scare off nosy Jeep enthusiasts). As luck would have it, the scoop would clear with no modifications. We just marked the centerline of the hood on the hood and template, lined up the template front to back on the line and after making sure the back mounting studs would clear the underhood bracing, drilled out the six holes. Some fender washers and nuts and it was in place. The studs will later be cut off and capped with acorn nuts for a more sanitary look. Since it was mounted cowl induction style, we trimmed the bottom of the opening to angle front for a more scoopy (is that a word?) affect. We were after a different look without being too bazaar. The bulge hoods just stuck out too much, too obvious. This is a more subtle look without taking away from the classic Jeep look and adds a little hint of muscle car flavor, plus gives us a mounting surface for those all important 401 emlems.


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