Sunday, December 17, 2017

Got all the wiring done, at least everything that was absolutely needed, I'm sure there will be some additional accessories added like heated seats, dome lights and a usb port and charger in the console, but there definitely wont be any stereo system or speakers to deal with. The only two malfunctions we had with the wiring were with the wiper motor and heater blower motor. Wiper didn't work at all and was due to the fact we forgot to ground the metal windshield frame mounted to the fiberglass body, and two of the blower motor speeds were reversed. Just a matter of swapping two wires at the resistor plug. So two easy fixes and nothing burned up. So now when we go for a drive around the neighborhood the turn signals can be used. Still have to get an exhaust system on this thing. Nobody has complained yet but it's only a matter of time. Next up was a steering wheel. The one that was being used was an Oldsmobile sport wheel on loan from dear old dad. I finally bought myself a 1967 Olds 442 and put the wheel on that so a Nardi 14" Classic polished black leather was chosen. Purchased thru Ebay from Crowders Customizing. The hub adapter was also an Ebay purchase from Big Dog Interior Parts. We also had to get a horn cancel cam from Steering Column Services.

This had the required bayonet socket for the horn wire assembly. Ours did not have this. Everything went together fairly well until it came time to install the horn ring. The wheel is fastened to the hub with six 5mm. hex head bolts. The horn assembly is placed in the center of the wheel and is supposed to be held in place by the aluminum horn ring which has six spot faces on the backside two of which receive two rubber inserts that then get pressed onto the heads of two of the hex head bolts. The only problem with that is that the horn assembly pushes on

the ring and eventually works it loose. That ring is expected to stay on with just those two rubber inserts gripping the bolt heads. One would think for the quality and craftsmanship that has gone into the Nardi wheel a better way of holding the horn assembly in place would be in order. Different things were tried using washers under three of the bolts to hold the horn assembly but failed. The solution was to drill and counter bore six holes in the ring matching the pattern of the wheel and use stainless 5mm socket head cap screws.

You give up the clean look originally designed into the ring for something that at least isn't going to fall off in your lap. We are going to play around with button heads for possibly a cleaner look. A steering hub puller was fabricated using three 1/4 - 28 screws and a 1/2 - 13 nut welded into a ring that was laying around the shop for future removal of the aluminum adapter hub. All in all nice quality parts that have a nice comfortable feel when driving.


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