Saturday, March 04, 2017

Been a while but we are still here. With a wedding and job priorities in N.J. slowing construction down it's good that we are not on a time deadline. Rather rushing, paying a 3rd. party to finish it or just bailing out of the project like happens much too often, we are determine to see this through to the end by doing quality work ourselves. So on to the next phase, wiring. An American Autowire kit was purchased from a vendor at Carlisle. This is part 500703 Highway 15 series. Advertised as completely made in the USA, the quality is second to none. Very straight forward and easy to follow instructions.

 We started by mounting the panel to the driverside firewall on an aluminum plate. The plate being fastened to the firewall permanently and drilled and tapped to mount the panel. This way the panel can easily be removed for service if needed. All wires are labeled as to where they feed, so it's virtually impossible to make a mistake. The rear light wires were tackled first, as they will be routed inside  the body through the console then exciting the body at the back of the console where the floor kicks up. Just outside the body we will be using a weather pack

connector. This way body removal can easily be done in preparation for paint. Speaking of weather pack connectors, these were originally
developed by Delphi for GM vehicles and variations are now common on all makes. Buying the connectors is rather expensive, so as frugal as we are, (or is it cheap?) we found an alternative. A trip to the local u-pull netted around 60 connectors, including a bulkhead connector for $10.50. The bulkhead connector alone runs around $28.00. Most of these were gotten off semi tractor cabs. Now if you leave a length of wire on they can be spliced into your harness, but that would be defeating the purpose for a weather proof connector. The terminals and
removal tool and crimpers can be bought online by various suppliers, again with a wide range of cost. A company in California was located by online searching that has very reasonable prices. Custom Connector Kits  These guys have everything you need to do
the job correctly and are very friendly and customer conscious. In fact I had placed an order online that came up to $11.00 short of $75.00 with $14.00 shipping and received a call from them the next morning informing me that if I spent over $75.00 that they offered free shipping. Now not too many companies would do that. All outside connectors will be weather pack. Posts for this phase will be split up into separate sections to show different methods of assembly so stay tuned.


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