Wednesday, March 29, 2006

See this little critter? That my friends is a catalytic converter. I had the great pleasure of beating it to a pulp then driving over it. You will not see one of these on this Jeep. That's one of the great advantages of building your own vehicle. No smog equipment. How? do you ask. Well it seems in this part of Pa. you need to have originally equipped
smog devices installed, (they don't have to work, just be there) even on a "reconstructed" vehicle. but if you read further you will find that a "specially constructed" vehicle does not, because it is built from various sourced parts and suppliers, not from an existing vehicle as with a reconstructed one. Therefore all you have to do is take your good title and turn it into a salvage title. Now you have parts with proof that you paid your tax on it. Now you take this title along with your other receipts (you did keep them right) and apply for a specially constructed title. No year will get assigned to it and will be "emission exempt" with no mileage restrictions. And it is all legal. It is the same as starting out with no title and going to a junkyard or other sources for your parts, show that you paid tax on those parts and apply for the specially constructed title. And now you have the satisfaction of abiding by "their" rules. Don't you feel better now? True duals baby!!!


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