Saturday, March 11, 2006


Hi my name is Jeff and if you found this sight you also must be interested in a Jeep CJ7. This project got started in May of 2004 as a ride for my son, also Jeff, when he was 14. He wanted to build a Jeep with a fiberglass body as a cool first ride. I had built a 1963 CJ5 in 1980 with an AJ's fiberglass body using original running gear, read that as a 4 cylinder 3 speed with overdrive, as cheaply as I could. So I figured why not, the kid wants to learn, work his butt off with summer jobs to help finance the project, and hopefully have some respect for the thing when it is done. Also I confess that I had a passion to build another the way I really would have liked to build one. And with the wife's blessing we had a green light. So enjoy the pictures and build up and learning curve process and tag along for the ride.


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